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Clean & Maintain Your Cabinets & Countertops

Clean & Maintain Your Cabinets & Countertops To keep your wood cabinets looking fresh, clean them regularly and gently as follows: Dust them regularly with a dry cloth or dry duster. Accumulated dust dulls the surface and attracts oily fingerprints and grease. Periodically, wipe your wood cabinets with a slightly damp, soft cloth. Use plain […]

Trends in Kitchens 2014

            Photo and Excerpt from StyleAtHome.com. Photography courtesy of Home Depot. Kitchen Trends in 2014 Built-in Cabinetry that looks like Furniture According to Houzz.com, “Far from the unfitted kitchens we’ve seen in the past, the new trend in kitchen design for 2014 is built-in accent cabinets that act as framework for […]